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Xiaomi Photography Challenge

The Xiaomi Photography Challenge is a photography competition organised by Xiaomi which aims to provide a platform for phone users to display their mobile photography skills and photos.

Xiaomi has always taken pride in developing products that improves the lives of its users. Through the product excellence of its phones, the company hopes to empower phone users to seamlessly capture the important moments of users’ lives - anytime, anywhere.

The Xiaomi Photography Challenge has a total of 11 categories for participants to take part in. They will be required to use the Mi A1 Smartphone to shoot a series of photos around a narrative for each category. Through this competition, Xiaomi hopes to attract a larger audience to gain interest in mobile photography and to spread the awareness that we are all empowered to capture the important moments of our lives in an easy, beautiful and memorable manner.


1. Competition Rules

The competition will be held from 20 October 2017 to 11 December 2017 (Beijing Time, hereinafter referred to as “Competition Period”). Participants who are interested can register at the event’s landing page: Participants are to follow the registration instructions on event’s landing page and submit relevant contact information with a profile picture to be eligible for the competition.

1.1 Competition Requirements

i. Photos submitted for the competition must be taken and edited by the Mi A1 Smartphone. No external editing software or mobile applications can be used except for the Mi A1’s in-built photo editor.
ii. Photos submitted for the competition must contain EXIF information. Otherwise the photos will not be accepted.
iii. Photos will be screened by Xiaomi to assess eligibility. Photos submitted past the deadline (11 December 2017 Beijing Time) or submissions not up to standards will not be published on the website.
iv. Participants will be deemed to have agreed to the Xiaomi’s Terms & Condition upon submitting their photos in the competition (Details are listed at the end of this document) v. Xiaomi will be inviting a panel of professional photographers to judge and choose the Global winners from 11 December 2017 to 20 December 2017.
vi. There will be no registration fees for the competition. Each participant is able to upload a maximum of 10 photographs per day. Participants are obliged to check the details of their photographs before uploading as it cannot be changed once uploaded.

1.2 Competition Categories:

The following are several categories that participants can choose to take part in:
(1) People; (2) Portraits; (3) Animals; (4) Creativity; (5) Architecture ; (6) Still Life; (7) Nature; (8) Landscape; (9) Life; (10) Events; (11) Others

1.3 Competition instructions for users based in India, Russia, Vietnam and Indonesia:

Users from these countries can register at and vote for their favourite photographs in the competition. Free Xiaomi prizes will be given away every Monday to random voters who have registered. Details about the prizes can be viewed from the Xiaomi website ( of each country.
Voting in this competition is free. To be eligible for voting, users must have a registered Mi Account and submit their Mi Identification Number (ID) with contact details for verification purposes. Each Mi ID is entitled to only one vote for each photo. No changes can be made after a user uses up his or her vote.
Global Xiaomi users can register for the competition at, or vote for their favourite photographs. Users based outside India, Russia, Vietnam, and Indonesia are not be eligible for prizes awarded for voting in this competition.

2. Competition Organiser & Participating Countries

2.1 Xiaomi Photography Challenge is organised by Xiaomi Communications Co., Ltd.

2.2 Participation in the Xiaomi Photography Challenge is open to all countries except for users based in mainland China.

3. Competition Prizes

i. 1st Prize: $30,000 USD. The top winner of the competition will receive a sum of $30,000 USD as prize money. The participant will be chosen by the panel of professional photographers.
ii. 2nd Prize: $10,000 USD. The 2nd and 3rd winner of the competition will each receive a $10,000 USD each as prize money. 2 winners will be chosen by the panel of professional photographers.
iii. 3rd Prize: $5,000 USD. The 4th, 5th and 6th winner of the competition will each receive a sum of $5,000 USD as prize money. 3 winners will be chosen by the panel of professional photographers.
iv. Popularity Vote Prize: Participants whose photo submissions are voted as the top 5 for each country (India, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia) will each win a Xiaomi Mi A1 phone. There will be a total of 20 winners decided based on the votes of their photo submissions.

Prize winners of the competition are to bear taxes stipulated by the current tax laws in China. They will be required to make payment of any fees arising from countries outside China, which shall include but not be limited to taxes collected by other countries, bank transfer cost, postage or other costs and fees. Prize winners must provide their contact details, personal information, a copy of their passports, a signed copy of the Terms & Condition as listed at the end of this document, a invoice and all relevant documents necessary for prize collection. Failure to produce any of the above-mentioned documents will be deemed that the winner has given up the right to claim the prize. All information and documents collected by Xiaomi is for the sole purpose of the Xiaomi Photography Competition.

4. Prize Announcements

4.1 The prize winners of the competition will be announced on 20 December 2017. After that Xiaomi will contact the winners according to the information submitted together with the photos and notice. The time & means of prize collection before 31 December 2017.

4.2 Xiaomi will announce the lucky draw winners from India, Russia, Vietnam and Indonesia every Monday 10:00am. Results of the winners will be posted on contest website ( Xiaomi will contact the lucky draw winners based on their submitted details with regards to the prize collection time & method.

4.3 In a case where the prize is not delivered due to winners’ reasons (including but not limited to filling inaccurate contact information & delayed response to Xiaomi), it will be regarded that the winner has given up his right to claim prize and Xiaomi will neither bear any responsibility nor reimburse any products or prizes.

5. Additional Notes::

5.1 Rules of the Xiaomi Photography Challenge can be viewed at

5.2 Xiaomi reserves the right to replace the prizes with products or services that are similar in monetary value in the case where accidents happen due to unforeseen circumstances. Prizes won in this competition cannot be resold, traded or transferred for personal benefits.

5.3 Xiaomi will not bear any responsibility if there are damages or losses during the collection and use of prizes by winners.

5.4 For the sake of fairness, only individual consumers are allowed to participate in the Xiaomi Photography Contest. The following entities are not allowed to take part in the competition: including but not be limited to Xiaomi staff, organisers event of the event and their employees, distributors and their employees.

5.5 Xiaomi will provide the necessary explanation of the rules of the competition to the extent permitted by law. In the case of force majeure, Xiaomi reserves the right to cancel the competition.

Contest Entrant Terms & Conditions

The participant (Contest entrant) hereby agrees to the following:
i. Uploaded photos for the competition, in its entirety, must be original material taken by the Contest entrant.
ii. Contest entrant represents, acknowledges, and warrants that the submitted photographs are a series of original works created by the Contest entrant, who is entitled to the world-wide intellectual property of the work and the right to use, and the photographs do not infringe on the copyrights, trademarks, moral rights, intellectual property rights of any person or entity.
iii. Contest entrant must not submit any files that damages any interests or image of any country, involve any natiaonl secrecy, personal privacy, nudity, gambling, superstition, horror, violence; must not submit any files that involve ethnicity, race, religion, sexism; must not submit any files that is false or misleading.
iv. All relevant information submitted to Xiaomi by Contest entrant should be accurate.
The Contest entrant will grant the world-wide intellectual properties of the photos and allow Xiaomi to use, modify, distribute its copy, perform, display or authorise other parties to use the phots and produce derivative marketing materials which shall include but not be limited to Xiaomi’s communication materials, social media photos, digital advertisements, televised media or its website for commercial or non-commercial purposes. The Contest entrant allows Xiaomi to gain all rights with respect to photos submitted by Contest entrant in the competition without any additional financial remuneration. The Contest entrant shall not authorise and warrants have not authorised any third party to use the entrant’s submitted photo or have assigned the intellectual properties of the photos in this competition without Xiaomi’s consent in writing.
In the event that any third party initiate any claims, proceedings or legal action against Xiaomi based on photos submitted to the Xiaomi Photography Challenge, the Contest entrant will be liable to Xiaomi for any damages, lost profits, loss of business revenue or economic loss of any kind and responsible for rehabilitation of reputation and elimination of effect.

1. Who may participate?

Entries are open to photographs taken with Mi A1 that have not been published previously except on personal social media.

2. How can I participate?

Submissions may only be received at the official website: Simply follow “Submit now” page and follow the submission process.

3. What are the rules and restrictions regarding my submissions?

The photographs must be submitted in their original size. The photographs submitted may only have been edited using the inbuilt camera app on Mi A. Third-party processing software used on the phone or any computer will not be accepted.

4. Is there a limit to the number of entries I can submit?

Each participant may submit 10 entries at most every day.

5. I do not know which category to submit my entry in.

If you are not certain which category to enter in, please select “Others”.

6. Can I submit a single photograph to more than one category?

No. If the category specified is unclear, we may assign a category that is a better fit.

7. How can I check the photographs that I've already submitted?

After logging in to your Mi account, you may check the status of any and all photographs you have submitted.

8. Do I retain the copyright of any submitted photographs?

Yes. Copyright and all other rights remain that of the photographer. You should also ensure that your photographs do not infringe on any third party, including copyrights, rights of personality, privacy, and any related rights. All participants will be seen as assenting to the terms of this clause.
All legal costs and liabilities arising from the aforementioned clause shall be borne by the participant, and the submission platform and the event organizer shall not be liable for such

9. How will I know whether I have won?

Global Winners will be contacted by phone or email. The list of winning participants will also be published on the official website on December 20th, 2017.