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Burrp! You got eaten up.
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In cases of intermittent connectivity,
please switch to Wi-Fi for a better gaming experience.

How to play How to check your prizes?
1. Find your safe path and start collecting points. Each point you consume adds 1 point to your score card.
2. The Big Chase features ‘Go Max – Boost Button’. Upon usage, the size of user’s character with in the game will double for 03 seconds, thus allowing easy consumption of points/ other players.
3. You can also add points quickly by eating/ consuming other players around you. Upon eating/consuming other participants, their points will be added under your total score.
4. Be wary of other players consuming or eating you. In case you get killed, your score will be added to the score card of the player who has eaten/consumed you.
5. There are surprise gift boxes hidden all over the game. There are 4 types of prizes hidden in these boxes and each prize is split into 4 parts
How to play How to check your prizes?
1. Users can click on the gift box any time to check the parts of the prizes which they have collected.
2. Users must collect all 4 parts of the prize to successfully redeem them.
3. Once the user has successfully collected all 4 parts of the prize, the prizes will be added to their cart within 2 hours.
4. ₹50 Discount Coupon & ₹100 Discount Coupon
i. accessories only
ii. Platform - app-only
iii. Minimum transaction value - ₹600 and above
iiii. Coupon validity – July 20th 10:00 to July 21st 23:59 hrs (No compensation will be available once the coupon expires.)
5.Upcoming Mi Smartphone winners will be contacted post July 21st
Start & end date – July 12th – 21st, 2017.