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1994, IBM Simon
World's first smartphone
1996, Nokia 9000 Communicator
first foldable smartphone showed up.
2000, Ericsson R380 Smartphone
First Saipan system smartphone
1997, GS88
The word "smartphone" was coined.
2002, Orange SPV
First Microsoft Windows system smartphone
2003, BlackBerry 6230
Most popular business smartphone at that time
2007, iPhone
A revolutionary smartphone and changed our world
2008, T-Mobile G1
The first Android system smartphone
The story of my first smartphone
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My first smart phone was Sony k750i, I borrowed money from my friends to buy that mobile as it was very costly at that time. It has awesome sound quality with great features like music control via volume buttons. I kept that phone around 3.5 years. The memorable pictures captured by that phone make me smile many times.
It was a present from my mom, I was so happy and show it to all my friends intentionally. Thanks mom. I'll always love you.
My first phone was gifted by dad. I was waiting for my HSC results. However I got below my expected mark and I was hopeless and I had asked my dad that if I get a good mark he need to buy it for me. He even though bough it and gifted me and patted me that it's just a mark and you can achieve it and succeed it.
My first smart phone is Redmi Note 4G which I bought using my first month salary. I am very lucky for buying this phone with good features. It helped me for more than 2 years and even now also it is being used by my sister. Redmi Note 4G is great and unique.
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