The Virtuosos
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One... Billion... Views... Now that's a lot of views! Find out how megatech inf luencer Mrwhosetheboss got to that number in his first ever short film appearance as part

The Virtuosos
  • “Music is Power. Music is Devotion. Music is Finding Yourself. Music is Passion”

    See what music truly means to the four members of the Magnolia Quartet from The Shanghai Symphony Orchestra in this “The Virtuosos” series film.

    Creators: Chen Lu Equipment: Mi 10T Pro
  • “When I’m dancing it’s like my mind is free.” See where Balé da Cidade de São Paulo ballerina Fabiana Ikehara’s art takes here in this “The Virtuosos” series film.

    Creators: Eduardo Ohara Equipment: Mi 10T Pro
  • “When you’re surrounded by certain colors or shapes or textures, naturally they are in your mind whether you’re considering them or not.” In the second film in “The Virtuosos” series, abstract painter Joy Kinna shares her process and how her surroundings influence her art.

    Creators: RJ Bruni Equipment: Mi 10T Pro
  • In the first film of “The Virtuosos” series, award winning Spanish chef Javier Aranda goes back to the basics of his culinary art, directed by Goya nominated director Jiajie Yuyan.

    Creators: Jiajie Yu Yan Equipment: Mi 10T Pro