Xiaomi Film Festival 2021
5 videos

Xiaomi Film Festival 2021 was the inagural Xiaomi Film Festival. The festival serves as the pinnacle of Xiaomi filmmaking, inviting filmmakers and creators from around the world to showcase their Xiaomi Studios films.

Xiaomi Film Festival 2021
  • A lone artist named Donnie creates sculptures out of the trash that washes up along the shores of an isolated beach that he calls home. His life is then suddenly interrupted when the garbage suddenly stops washing ashore and masked strangers begin visiting him, a result of the pandemic.

    Creators: Chris Overton Equipment: Xiaomi
  • Slovenly Carlos’s life in quarantine is suddenly interrupted when he receives a life-changing call from an operator named Judith from Simply Co., a company with a mission of making all of its customers lead a more simple life. For better or for worse, Carlos finds his life turned upside down by his new strict yet charming friend Judith.

    Creators: Eduardo Ohara Equipment: Xiaomi
  • Tired of her monotonous job of helping customers track down their lost mail, Guilia dreams of a life where she can pursue her passion for traveling around the country. After transitioning to working from home as well as listening to her favorite travel podcast, she decides to change her life for the better.

    Creators: Vincenzo De Caro Equipment: Xiaomi
  • As part of the Xiaomi Film Festival, Xiaomi Studios partnered with renown Spanish film school TAI Escuela Universitaria de Artes and student filmmaker Óscar Villarroya to create a short film about a group of students enjoying their one last summer together post-quarantine before they go their separate ways

    Creators: Óscar Villarroya Equipment: Xiaomi
  • For the Xiaomi Film Festival, Xiaomi Studios asked mega tech KOL MrWhoseTheBoss one simple question: what is being a content creator like in “The New Normal”? His answer: this film.

    Creators: Mike Harvey Equipment: Xiaomi