Eight years of dreams, and each one a journey to embrace the future with you

On July 9, 2018, Xiaomi Corporation successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 1810).

Xiaomi’s listing represents a new milestone for the company.

With many more milestones to come, we hope you’ll be there to embrace the future with us.

Our dream—Xiaomi, a new species

A smartphone company, an Internet company, as well as an e-commerce/new retail company


E-commerce & new retail

Internet services

Unique and innovative "triathlon" business model

Applying the internet business model to traditional industries

Building hardware and e-commerce businesses in parallel, maximizing operating efficiency and pricing products close to cost. Internet services improve user experience while monetizing user traffic re-directed from smartphones and e-commerce businesses. Building out our business model globally: Xiaomi has entered 74 countries and regions, and is ranked top 5 in 15 smartphone markets.

Hardware: world class products at half the price

Starting with smartphones, Xiaomi has successfully expanded into over 100 product categories within 5 years.

E-commerce / new retail

China’s #3 3C and home appliances B2C e-commerce platform, India's #3 B2C e-commerce platform.

331 Mi Home, similar efficiency as e-commerce, #2 globally in average sales per sqm in 2017.

Internet services

190 million MIUI MAUs, around 4.5 hours on average spent on our smartphones daily per user.

38 apps with more than 10 million MAUs; 18 apps with more than 50 million MAUs.

Our dream—A world where technology
makes lives better

We make friends with our users and enable them to completely trust that
our products have the best quality and price

Xiaomi's pledge to users

Xiaomi’s hardware business (including smartphone, IoT and lifestyle products) will have an overall net profit margin that will not exceed 5% per year. If the net margin exceeds 5%, we will return the excess above 5% to our users.


Our dream—A future of infinite connections

Xiaomi is an Internet company with smartphones
and smart hardware connected by an IoT platform at its core

Xiaomi is the largest consumer IoT platform in the world


100 million+

Connected devices 1


1.4 million+

Users with more than 5 Xiaomi IoT devices 2

1. Excluding smartphones and laptops

2. As of 31 March 2018

Our Milestones

Founded on

6 April 2010


Became India's #1 smartphone company.


Xiaomi has entered 74 countries and regions, ranked top 5 in 15 smartphone markets.


We were #3 globally in the smartphone market according to shipments.


Continued rapid growth of 87.8% globally in the smartphone market.

With so much more to come,
our dream is to embrace the future with you.